You Buy A House, Then You Build A Home

There really is no such thing as home shopping...

  • Values

    Choosing the right house is about prioritizing the things you value most in life. Comparing features from house to house is how to find the nicest house but not the house that supports the things you value most in life. A house choice will impact your marriage, family, finances and the time to spend on what matters most.

  • Money

    Housing, either renting or owning, will be your largest monthly and lifetime expense. As money is a limited resource, choosing how much to spend on a house and, just as important, how much not to spend is critical for your happiness, success and satisfaction with both your home and your life.

  • Time

    Time is a commonly overlooked cost of home selection. This includes the additional time and energy required to maintain a home as well as the time to get around. You will start and end each day from home. Everywhere you go will consume time. Commutes to work, school, shopping all take time. Choosing a house is a decision in how you allocate a great deal of time.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Inner Game: Things To Know Before Shopping For A House
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  • 02
    HomeBuyer Myths: Things To Avoid When Shopping For A House
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    • Myth 1: Everyone should aspire to owning a home
    • Myth 2: You are not buying the life you imagine or the time to live it.
    • Myth 3: Nicer houses make better homes
    • Myth 4: Renting is throwing money away
    • Myth 5: The bank knows what you can afford
    • Myth 6: You thought buying a house was your idea